Keratin Hair Smoothing

Do you suffer from unruly frizzy hair?

Do you yearn for straight, silky tresses with a gorgeous swoosh? Our keratin smoothing treatment could be the perfect answer for you…

Keratin Hair Smoothing in Northwood Hills

Sometimes referred to as Brazilian blow dry, keratin hair smoothing is a semi-permanent professional treatment which leaves hair looking straighter, smoother and shinier. Beautiful manageable hair for up to 3 months.

The formula includes keratin, white clay, and cocoa oil which treat and straighten damaged or curly hair and reduce volume by up to 80%.

Our Keratin Hair Smoothing treatments all include a cut and start from £200 (depending on the length and thickness of your hair). The treatment also includes a consultation prior to your treatment to assess your hair and its needs.*

Our smoothing treatment should not affect your colour, however, we recommend any colour service is carried out prior to having the smoothing treatment. We also recommend using our home care range, especially formulated for this treatment, to help your hair stay smoother and straighter for longer.


*A deposit is taken for all Keratin Hair Smoothing treatments at your consultation.

Keratin Hair Smoothing consultation

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